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What is CLCA?

The Center for Land Conservation Assistance (CLCA) provides support for groups and individuals seeking to conserve land in New Hampshire. CLCA provides direct assistance, referrals, education, information about funding and training opportunities and networking. CLCA provides support to and facilitates cooperation between the many land trusts in New Hampshire, as well as to conservation commissions and others.

The Center for Land Conservation Assistance was founded in 2001 to promote land conservation by providing information and expertise to land trusts, municipal officials, town boards, other conservation organizations and individuals across the state. Although CLCA is a program of the Forest Society, it serves as a neutral service bureau and a hub of information about land conservation strategies and case studies for all land trusts in New Hampshire.

CLCA seeks to ensure the long-term success in land conservation by ensuring that sound conservation transactions and effective stewardship standards are met by each conservation organization throughout the state. We envision a New Hampshire where each community has access to a well-functioning land trust to assist with local land conservation projects, and where each land protection project is accomplished and permanently maintained following the highest standards.