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The land trust community now has an accreditation program that will document that participating land trusts are following written and accepted standards and practices. Interested land trusts have the opportunity to seek accreditation as part of a new voluntary program that will:

  • Ensure public confidence in voluntary land conservation
  • Build strong and successful land trusts
  • Publicly recognize land trusts that meet specific ethical, legal and technical practices
  • Enhance the public credibility of land trusts

The national organization, the Land Trust Alliance, developed an accreditation program based on Land Trust Standards and Practices to help uphold public trust and ensure ethical, legal, and technically sound operations.

Accreditation is an important step in ensuring public accountability in voluntary land conservation and building strong and lasting land conservation organizations. The accreditation program provides an independent review of participating land trusts, and is managed by a commission of diverse land trust professionals. The commission established the procedures for accreditation in 2007 and began full operations in 2008.

For more information on LTA’s accreditation program visit