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Conservation Options

New Hampshire’s familiar and beloved landscapes have been shaped by a special blend of underlying natural resource characteristics and centuries of human interaction though agriculture, forestry and industry. People have used and enjoyed the land, shaping it while also being influenced by its capacities and features. Our natural landscapes provide a unique blend of recreation, wildlife habitat, scenic enjoyment, clean water and fresh air, and helps strengthen our economy. Protecting natural areas offers countless benefits to the community and has become the focus of planning and funding in many New Hampshire towns.

Communities throughout New Hampshire have a growing interest in land protection and many land trusts and municipalities are engaged in identifying and conserving special land in their region. Many communities and conservation groups base their conservation actions on a land protection plan. This plan should be based on the natural resource information that the area contains, including wildlife habitat, soil classification, water resource information, plus relevant zoning designation information and an understanding of the goals of the community.

If you know of a special area in your town you would like to protect, you can contact the Center for Land Conservation Assistance at 224-9945 for help finding the relevant local resources.