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CLCA has distributed information through two publications produced to help educate landowners and community members about land conservation. Saving Special Places: Community Funding for Land Conservation, co-authored and produced by CLCA, is a compendium of the many ways municipalities can establish funds for land conservation projects with case studies from New Hampshire towns that have succeeded with each technique. Conserving Your Land: Options for New Hampshire Landowners provides NH landowners with a comprehensive guide to land conservation options.

If you're interested in permanently conserving your land, but aren't sure how to go about it, we can help! Knowing what options exist and how the process works are important first steps, so we've created the following guides to help answer your questions:

Protecting Your Land
Funding Land Conservation
Conservation easement Q&A
The NH Municipal Conservation Fund Guidebook
Amending or Terminating Conservation Easements
Conservation Stewardship Transfer Fees

The New Hampshire's Changing Landscape section of this site provides population growth trends and projections and natural resource availability and protection status. Information for the state, counties, and cities and towns are available and may be useful in justifying land protection projects.