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Conserving Your Land

Conserving Your Land: Options for New Hampshire Landowners

This guidebook provides a basic, easy to understand introduction to all of the major strategies that a New Hampshire landowner might want to know about in considering whether to conserve their property for future generations. The guide lays out, in five straightforward chapters, everything from “Why Conserve Land” to “The Process: What to Expect.” In between, the options for selling or donating full ownership or conservation easement are explained. Thirteen case studies illustrate the experience of a variety of landowners and their conservation partners. A “decision tree” is included to help landowners to think about which strategy best fits their own land-use goals. This book was written by Brenda Lind, a nationally known expert and land conservation writer and was published by CLCA in 2004, with revisions in 2005 and 2006 to reflect changing tax code information.

Copies are available for purchase from the Forest Society's online gift shop.